Bulk Loading Pictures to App

11-30-2022 12:23 PM
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My company has switched to using the Survey123 app for collecting data out in the field via Project Inspectors and Project Managers. So far the training for using the app has been ok, but one complaint is that you can't bulk load pictures and documents to the app, you have to load each picture and file individually. This has become a sore spot for the inspectors since they might need to load between 20 to 100 pictures at a time. I am aware that the Survey123 website allows for bulk loading, but we are concern that if we allowed users to the website they might try to use the app to finish filling out their survey and corrupt the data. Is there going to be an update to the app that would allow bulk loading for documents and pictures? 

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I have been asked for this as well. The users may be down in a stream or heavy bush and they rattle off sometimes dozens of photos that they upload later when they are not standing in water.  Had one user try and do 65 and it takes a long time.  The users ended up making PDF files of images and uploading that which messes up using the data later of course.