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Auto Log Out User of Field Application

06-28-2023 09:28 AM
Occasional Contributor II

Hello, I have multiple field teams that share a few iPads and these teams are not diligent about signing out at the end of the day, which leads to teams going out and collecting data under the wrong username. Is there any way for me to set something up in the field application that will auto sign out the user after some period of inactivity?

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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi @mattkramer I left a direct message in your Esri Community profile. Lets discuss over the phone. Interested to learn more about the requirement. At this moment what you ask is not possible, but I am documenting workflows where this is needed for a potential enhancement in the future. Thanks!

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New Contributor II

Hi Ismael, I am also interested in an auto sign out options, in my case it would be for Field Maps. I would appreciate if you could share any existing options and/or workarounds.

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