ArcGIS Survey123 Web Analyze Tab - Issue with "show responses/show words"

11-12-2021 10:06 AM
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On the ArcGIS Survey123 Web Analyze Tab, when word cloud questions prompt this error message "Web browsers may not respond well when there are more than 500 answers in the word cloud. Show it anyway"  and "show anyway" is not clicked on and data is filtered, the "show response" button is missing. 

  1. ArcGIS Survey123 Website
  2. Analyze tab
  3. word cloud question with this error message
  4. Filter data using filter
  5. missing "show responses" button

Upon initial view this notification message shows up



if "show anyway" is not clicked on, and a filter is set, Show Responses DOES NOT SHOW



This was logged as a bug by Esri Support- BUG-000144497 (case#02927295) and is needed functionality for our sites across the Park District. 

Please resolve, thank you.


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