Survey123 Screen Distortion on Dell Rugged Laptop

11-10-2021 10:32 AM
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Hoping to get any further suggestions or feedback.  We have 20+ Dell Rugged 7212 tablets that are all experiencing the same screen distortion issues mentioned here: 

We have updated, Survey123 Versions,  Windows, Dell Updates including BIOS and Graphics Drivers mentioned in the above solution with no changes.  We are unable to rollback the graphics driver to a previous version as there is no history for the current Intel UHD Graphics Driver and windows won't let rollback to the previous Intel HD Graphics Driver (at least that I can figure out).

This issues surfaced when we updated the XLSForms and the Survey123 field app to address the issues in the repeat formatting referenced here: 

Laptop system information and Survey123 version in photos attached.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.



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Hello @nealtk

Just to confirm 3.13 was displaying correctly prior to modifying the XLSForm's to accommodate the issue noted in this article correct?   

If you navigate to the install location for Survey123 on your device (it's typically C:\Users\<username>\Applications\ArcGIS) and open that directory in command prompt. Does running Survey123 setting the renderingEngine to angle make a difference? 

Please see this link for reference:

Thank you,
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Thanks for the quick response @ZacharySutherby 

We did the update to 3.13 at the same time as pushing the updates to the form so it showed up when we updated to 3.13.

Per the instructions we did test using the "angle" renderingEngine with no change to the distortion issues when survey123 field app opens.






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