AGOL Survey123 not shareable to Portal?

08-22-2022 01:09 PM
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Hello!  We have a survey we created a while back in Survey123 Connect with our AGOL account.  Since then we have implemented Portal and want users in Portal to be able to update the AGOL Survey.  I have created the distributed collaboration and shared it to the distributed collaboration group on the Update Survey section.  But no one including me can see the survey in our portal through Survey123 connect or logging in to Survey 123 in portal and going to the "see survey you can update" section.  Does anyone have any idea why we can't see the AGOL survey in Portal?  I can see the feature layer show the new records created from the survey in Portal but can't update it the actual survey.  I would also like to be able to link this survey to our Portal Workforce project but can't see Portal can't see the survey.  Any suggestion or ideas welcome!

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Survey forms are not listed as an item type supported for Distributed Collaboration:

Theoretically it may be possible if you enabled two-way editing through distributed collaboration on the survey feature layer created in ArcGIS Online. Then create a new survey form in portal targeting the feature layer copy created in portal. Easy enough to reuse the XLSForm. Some discussion on forums have indicated issues with tokens but I think targeting the item on the portal side + two-way editing should help mitigate this.

Please let us know how you go and don't forget the kudos 🙂