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Survey123...Language option too small

11-03-2020 07:38 AM
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I would like to see a more visible choice for languages on the Survey123 form. Right now it's really obscure and tiny. It would be really helpful if it were more visible  and easier to choose. This is especially true for those people who have trouble seeing such small font. 

For example, our older Spanish speaking population would find it difficult to notice that the survey is also in their language and easy to get to with the current display. 

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Agree that the language option is too small and not obvious to users. Possible solutions:

  • Button in header is bigger
  • Ability to add the button/dropdown into the form itself
  • URL parameter for a 'select your language' page e.g. ?lang=choose

In the meantime, I've been sharing our surveys to the end users using the "?lang=" URL parameter to set it to what I think is their preferred language. 

@Jen_Zumbado-Hannibal you might find this a useful work around.


Thank you @Anneka_France . I will certainly try this. Would I be using the "?lang=" within the Appearance Column within Survey123 Connect?  I'm still learning and would appreciate more guidance. 

Thanks again! 


Hi @Jen_Zumbado-Hannibal . If you've already set up a multiple language survey form then you don't need to make any more changes to the xls form or the settings in Survey123 connect. When you share the survey using the web URL, simply put "?lang=xx" at the end of the survey to define which language you want to open the survey in. The "xx" is the ISO code for the language you want the form to display in when it is opened.

For example:
French (fr)
English (en)

You can find out more in the Introducing Multiple Language Surveys or Survey123 Tricks of the Trade: Web form URL parameters blog. 


@Anneka_France will try. Thanks again. 

by Anonymous User

Hi Jennifer,

The small language chooser you are referring to is only seen in Connect, when authoring your survey as a Form Preview test. It is not what the user will see when using the field app, the menu is different and font size and style part of the main menu in the form. Below is a screen of Connect on the right and field app on the left.

We will be upgrading the menu in Connect to use a newer control in the near future, which will resolve the issue with the small font for language chooser.





Hi @Anonymous User. We find that the language option is too small and not clear in the web form. Most of our users could not work out how to change the survey language without being instructed. As you can see below, the sign in bar blends into the browser controls and does not look like part of the form. It's also not clear that you can switch language of the form by clicking on 'English' to see more language options. 




Hi @Anneka_France ,

Thanks for sharing your idea here, I have logged your idea in our feature request list. I will reply to this post with any updates.



Status changed to: Under Consideration


The language selection menu has been modernized in Survey123 Connect.  Leaving this issue open to address the web site switcher concern subsequently raised.


Thank you all for your collaboration throughout the years to make this goal achievable. 

@Anneka_France , @Ruth_JiatengXu , @JamesTedrick , @Anonymous User 


I look forward to seeing the new changes in Survey123 Connect.