Survey123 Field App: apply text style to read-only answers too

01-25-2022 09:27 AM
Status: Open
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Hello Survey123 friends,


Survey123Connect allows to style entry text/selected values with a color-picker  colorpicker.PNG.


The chosen color is applied to interactive questions only: read-only fields have the default style (thin & black).

=> Would it be please  possible to apply the selected style to all answers, including read-only answers?


Use case:

Some of the select-one questions read their domain in a CSV file.

Subsequent questions leverage the CSV file to fill dependant values.

  • Those values are kept read-only for data coherence sake,
  • Those values are shown on screen, as (our)  users do not trust what they do not see.
  • Those value do not show clearly as data entry (even if derived entries), users would like to see the same style as other answers.


A picture is better than a thousand words, so:

Here is what we have today:

readonly fields before.PNG



and here is what we would looove to see :


readonly fields after.PNG


Many thanks in advance!


 With kind regards,






I like this idea too. I haven't dug into if this is possible, but I'll think about it as I work through my tasks this week.



Have you tried setting them to note type vs read only?  I have seen issues with read only not recalculating also.  If you need a set data type you can use the bind and bind esri columns.


Thanks for the suggestion, @DougBrowning ! I had just not thought about using notes here.

Unfortunately, they are not styled either.

It looks like what is styled is only what is interactive, and not what is an anwser to a question (or a note).


About obtaining colored notes, brilliant help by  @RossGoodacre @ESRI-Ireland, here:



The initial needs remains ^^, to avoiding multplying form fields, but this is a great workaround.