"Upgrade/Migrate" Older Version of Survey123 Connect Excel Form to a Higher Version

11-23-2021 05:59 AM
Status: Implemented
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Currently (to my knowledge), there no easy way to upgrade or migrate an older Survey123 Connect Excel form from an older version of S123 to the most recent version. There have been some releases of S123 Connect that significantly change not only the look, but also the schema/functionality of the Excel S123 form in Connect. 

Currently, the only way to "upgrade" the form is to manually copy and paste the values in the Excel form from the old version of the form to the new version of the form. This is a slow and tedious process because Esri sometimes changes the column ordering, so you can't copy and paste row by row. You have to copy and paste column by column.

I would like to see some functionality that would allow users to upgrade an existing form from an older version of the Survey123 form to a new version. Or alternatively, migrate an older version of the form to a new version.


Have you tried adding the new headers to your old Survey123 form? I believe I used this approach and it worked for me. I was only adding the ONE header I needed, but you should be able to pull in all the headers you are missing.


There is definitely more to this and I'm seeking the same answer. The Excel files have increasingly become more and more detailed with additional version releases. Copy and pasting the the headers will work, though your drop-down references will need to be updated as well (see pic).Untitled.png

Definitely interested in an easier solution for updating the form/.xlsx.



Status changed to: Under Consideration

Definitely need this idea to be implemented 

Status changed to: Implemented

An 'Update XLSForm template' tool is now available in Survey123 Connect.  For more information, please refer to the 'Update template' section of the Survey123 documentation.