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Publish Survey123 in Specific Folders

04-11-2018 09:11 AM
Status: Open
MVP Alum

In order to help keep large organizations content organized, be able to chose which folder to publish the Survey123 Form and Feature to in the ArcGIS Online Content -> My Content -> Folders.  For an example, currently the folders were nice and organized by 5 departments folders.  Now I add 10 Surveys for 3 different departments and my Content is suddenly disorganized with 15 folders.


I fully support this, my content is becoming cluttered with survey- folders... I would like to centralize all my surveys into one folder or choose which folder to place them in (by department, user, etc.)


Hi Joe,

I too had the same frustrations with all the survey folders, then I discovered a work around, maybe it will work for you? See my post on the following thread:

Survey123 How to change default publish location?



Yes and Yes a thousand times over!!! We are looking to place the surveys in a network location and create a single publisher log-in so that a small group of people can collaborate and update when others are out, prevent multiple versions of one truth, keep things away from desktops if they crash and many many more advantages!!!


Yes please! I maintain a large amount of surveys for multiple projects in my organization. My AGOL account is severely cluttered and it gives me daily anxiety. I made the mistake of moving them early on and had to republish, giant pain. 


When I publish to my portal via Connect, the feature service goes into the Hosted folder of Server Manager. I would like to publish my survey to a specific folder like MyName_folder so that it is easier for a server admin to identify who owns what survey.  It would also be great if the survey feature service maintained its name and not the item ID.  FYI  Lindsay King‌  


I agree - requiring that each survey reside in its own AGOL folder and dictating the name of the folder leads to a real mess. I can't imagine why it was designed this way, but.....  We could end up having hundreds of surveys.


Just in addition , i think the below idea  should be considered in conjunction with this i think some kind of folder system or perhaps  groups could be shown in the field App as well to help organise and find forms more readily 

Organise surveys in folders in the Survey123 mobile app 


And if we can't pick the folder, at least have a HUGE warning that moving the survey files around will result in a giant pain in the rear end because it breaks a bunch of connections. Having to manage the survey in the Survey123 app page is not intuitive and has cause some major headaches on my end. everything looks fine until my users go to collect on the survey. 


I agree with everyone here!  My AGOL is a mess with so many S123 surveys and as @VanessaSimps said - WARNINGS on how moving survey files causes major chaos and angst when links break.   Even better a clear explanation on how the links work between S123, AGOL, and any files downloaded onto a computer.  We really need Survey123 to have the capabilities to be organized and renamed and easily maintained.  Like we used to be able to do in the "old" ArcCatalog - where we can see folder locations in relation to other files.  


Absolutely support this! The inability to organize the locations in AGOL or where the surveys created in Connect are stored absolutely drives me nuts.

Would also love the Connect interface to gain folders to help keep organized!