Pre-populate information based upon user selection in earlier question for public survey using search function

02-07-2022 03:47 AM
Status: Open
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We have a number public user surveys where it would be very useful to query a feature layer which regularly gets updated with new information and prepoulate a field based on an earlier question. For example, to extract a project ID, and use it to assign an asset ID which is cross-referenced. I have read elsewhere that this idea is not going ahead with javascript on public surveys due to security considerations. However, would it be possible to expand the new search appearance function for dynamic choice lists to search without it being a list that is returned rather than using javascript? It seems like it is so nearly there, and would be very useful and a possible alternative solution. I've attached an image of how I am currently doing this (also see post here for dynamic choice list) (see here for javascript function) , but it would be neater if it wasn't a list, and just returned the information as a note, or hidden to be used in calculations or just returned simply as text. This would give so many possibilities. 

Thank you. 

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I second this! It would be so helpful to be able to set up surveys that return data from an Enterprise-based feature service or hosted table, and make them available to users outside the organization.  With the fantastic addition of search() appearance functionality we can create drop-downs from a service.  Being able to query for individual data elements as well would be huge.