Let the Map Question Store the Address in Survey123

11-10-2020 11:57 AM
Status: Implemented
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I have a Survey123 that needs to collect the street address of business.  So I have a couple required questions.  However just collecting this will result in null island point locations.

I either have to have a map question, requiring the user to enter their address again.  Or pull the survey into Pro, export a table, geocoded and then publish the results.

Why not just let us configure the map question to store the address information in the survey?  Just a few configurable questions that can be loaded into the search for the map and display the results.  Saving the address to the attribute table.

This would mean the survey could be immediately displayed on a map, and no need for the user to input the same information twice.

Status changed to: Under Consideration
Status changed to: In Product Plan

Hi. Thank for this idea. The Survey123 team is currently working on this feature. We just published a brief document describing how to accomplish the above.  We are looking for feedback through the Early Adopter Program.  More details here.


What great news!  I am thrilled you are taking my idea under consideration.  I will gladly help test this new feature in the EAP and will leave my feedback there.


This is super exciting. @IsmaelChivite is there a general availability release time frame we can look forward to? Thanks!

Status changed to: Implemented

Hi @RyanBohan ,

With version 3.13, Survey123 now supports the geocode appearance on text questions to store addresses.  While not storing the address with the map question, this meets the objective you are wanting; map questions are designed to store geometry, so they are not suitable questions to store addresses.  You may also want to review the recent Esri Community blogs on working with these questions in Survey123 Connect and the Survey123 Web Designer