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Include null field types in webhook payload

04-09-2021 05:16 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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It would be helpful to include information in a webhooks payload that is not part of the feature layer data.  For instance, there is data I would like to collect in a survey that I do not want to store as feature layer data but would like to use for filtering in my webhook.  It's not necessary to store this data as it's used in my case only for filtering.  This could be accomplished by allowing null data types with hidden questions to be passed as user defined information.

See attached images for illustration

Thanks for the consideration!


Status changed to: Under Consideration

We had a need for this pop up recently.  We are working on a survey that replaces an existing CivicPlus form.  

The CivicPlus form allows the submitter to receive a copy of their submission without storing the email address with the record.  There is another section that allows the submitter to optionally include their contact information. 


It'd be great to be able to replicate this behavior with Survey123 and webhooks -- to be able to capture information long enough to use it in the automation for notifying, but not store those details in the data stored in the database.