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Grid theme to be supported in Survey123 web app

07-24-2019 05:10 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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My company has published a survey to ArcGIS Online to collect customer interests in our services. We are asking the customer to fill out a survey 123 form and would like the form to support multiple questions per line like it does when published to Portal. The multiple questions per line can reduce the amount of scrolling the user would have to do, make the form more concise and more eye appealing.

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Hi Hannah Sturm‌  It seems to me like you really mean Survey123 Theme-Grid to be supported in the Survey123 web app.  Just for context, you can publish at the moment a survey using the theme-grid into ArcGIS Online (or ArcGIS Enterprise). Then, you can use that survey from the Survey123 field app, but not from the Survey123 web app (web form). It seems like you want people to use a web form with questions arranged side by side. Adjusting the title of this idea (and fixing the naming from Survey 123 to Survey123) may bring more views into your idea (and votes). Thanks!


I would also love to be able to display a fixed or dynamic grid in the web form, not only to save scrolling time and effort and allow users to view more information at once, but also to allow for printable forms.

Here's my use case in case it's helpful: I'm using Connect to build a work request form that will be submitted by anonymous users. These submissions appear in an internal dashboard from which staff members can open a second survey linked to the same feature service to view the details of each request, add information, and update status. They need to be able to see all the details of the request at once (and maybe save it as a PDF using the browser's built-in print functionality) without having to scroll extensively. The traditional paper form look and feel of a grid layout would be ideal for this purpose.


giving kudos for grid-theme to b supported in web app


Kudos for grid-theme support in web app. This would help immensely, especially with the Survey123 connectivity in Experience builder.


Yes, please!  All our surveys use the web app, and even though we can do a lot of organizing with other grouping options, a grid option would be such a better experience.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Please add this enhancement.  Have some very complex surveys that suffer visually and have negative impact on user experience when using the Web Forms.  Can't install the app to every client's machine that uses the survey forms.  


I work for a local gov. We also use forms for public engagement and this would make things much more user friendly and stream lined. Forms get really long when you are only able to using single line items.


Please make it happen ESRI!


We need grid theme support in web app ASAP (rhymy)!