Enable a scrollbar in the guidance_hint popup to allow more than 5 lines of text

12-08-2020 09:01 AM
Status: Open
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The fairly recent addition of guidance_hints in survey123 forms (built in Connect) have great promise, but are currently limited to only 5 lines. Introducing an enhancement where more than 5 lines of text are viewable (i.e. via a scrollbar) would maximise the potential of this function.


I second this.  I finally got to try it today and it is rather limited.  The whole point of guidance hints was to handle long text help.  Limiting it to such a small size makes it of little use.





Agreed. The guidance_hint is pretty useless as-is. Needs to display more text either via a scroll bar, larger window, or both.


Agreed, 5 line doesn't allow enough space.  Would also like to see the ability to show a picture in the hint, give the user an idea of what type of photo we'd like to capture while taking photos during collection.


Agreed. In addition the capability to embedd image media as well.


Yes, this would greatly enhance the usefulness of guidance hints. Also, I second was @Merlin said, being able to insert images into the guidance hint (stored in the media folder, I assume) would be *extremely* useful!


I agree with all of the above, plus supporting html & css would be helpful! As-is the guidance hint does not provide much more capacity for explaining a question.


Fully agree - sometimes the definitions I would like to have as hints are lengthy, so obviously I don't want them to show automatically, but I need a pop-up box big enough to accommodate them! And either the media::image should be collapsible or guidance hints should be able to be images. Also kind of annoying that you have to have hint text and not just the little lightbulb icon.



I am simulating this by wrapping the image in a group.  Bit ugly but it works

Images drop down.gif