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03-02-2021 02:04 PM
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Is it possible to embed QuickCapture into Survey123 form? Then can avoid following switch back and forth:

1. Click link from Survey123 to open QuickCapture and start tracking;

2. Switch back to Survey123  and start survey;

3. Switch to QuickCapture to stop tracking;

4. Switch to Survey123 and submit survey.

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Hi @Ming,

It is possible to launch QuickCapture from Survey123 - see this blog Launching QuickCapture from Survey123 - Esri Community And QuickCapture has a Survey123 link so its easy to use a link button to launch Survey123 from QuickCapture.

The problem you will face with your workflow is that you can't use a link to return to a half completed survey. You would have to use your devices app switching feature (for example for iOS mobile devices the little back arrow in the top left or double clicking the Home button and selecting the app).

Not sure if you are trying to pass data or not, but assuming the tracking feature and survey feature are separate; I would suggest starting in QuickCapture to begin tracking, launching Survey123 from a link button in your QuickCapture project with the setting to return to QuickCapture upon submission enabled (see screen capture), then stop tracking in QuickCapture.



Hope this helps.



Hi @JamieLambert,

Thank you for your response. For our case, need to open the Survey123 with a link in web mapping application popup, because need to pass a lot information from mapping application to survey form, so can not use the solution that you suggested to open survey from QuickCapture.

But anyway thank you for your help.




by Anonymous User

Hi @Ming,

QuickCapture is designed for quick and easy data collection at the press of the button. It's great for minimal interaction data collection. Personally I would not be looking to actively engage the device by completing a survey form while also using QuickCapture.

It's not possible to embed QuickCapture within a Survey.

If you'd like to incorporate a Map, pass data via URL schemes and capture polyline data while streaming I'd recommend integrating Survey123 with ArcGIS Field Maps*


*this is replacing ArcGIS Collector on iOS and Android, but workflow would be largely similar


Thank you @Anonymous User , yes we will try Field Maps.


Hi @Anonymous User , we just started using Field Maps, but got error when open the map and show the link in map popup. Here is the detail:


Not sure if you can help on that.


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Hi Ming,

There are no plans to embed QuickCapture within Survey123; they are separate apps that have different collection missions.


Got it, thanks! @JamesTedrick 



Is there a way to have similar functionality in Survey123 to that of Quick Capture?

I have tried to do repeats to some success but as I have replied to several different posts, I need to be able to have the second data when submitting a target repeat response..