Delete surveys in Inbox as well as records in repeats

08-23-2021 02:24 PM
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Delete surveys in Inbox as well as records in repeats


When you say delete, do you mean remove them from the end-users inbox? OR Delete the record? First check your Query expression to see if you can tweak something to remove the trigger that's keeping the records in the inbox.





I mean deleting the record. Of course it should be a user who has got the permissions to do so.


I'm not sure that's an option for the end-user.

BUT you could add a field that says Delete this record, and you can go in and remove those.




Good afternoon @IsmaelChivite and @JamesTedrick ,


Is there a technical limitation on deleting feature from the inbox?

De facto, field workers have restricted edit privileges when using Survey123, compared to other Field Apps (or compared to web apps), where they can delete feature if the combo 'feature service parameters' & 'user profile' give them the rights to do so.


ref. S123 question here,

My users do not understand why there is an app to create data and another one to delete data - they feel they have no right to make mistakes and (easily) clean after themselves.

I struggle to explain them why this is so... thanks for your lights!!

... and ideally, thanks for including this feature in forthcoming versions 🙂


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