Be able to position the repeat navbar at the top of the repeat section

10-25-2019 01:17 AM
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Be able to position the navigation bar for repeats (the one with +, <, > and delete buttons) at the top of the repeat section as well as the bottom (as is currently the case).

In some scenarios (see images attached) a form would be much more intuitive/easy to use if the bar was located at the top of the repeat section.


The first image shows a repeat-within-a-repeat using the current setup where the bar sits at the bottom of the repeat sections.  The general flow of a Survey123 form is from top to bottom, but when the user in this example arrives at the repeat they must usually go to the bottom of the form (1) then up (2) then up further (3) before working down through the fields to repeat the process.

It would be much better if (as shown in the mocked-up second image) they started at the top of the section (1) then went down slightly (2) then continued working down the fields (3) before taking a single big movement back to the top of the page to repeat the process.

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I posted an alternative solution idea here.