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Automatically Refresh Inbox when Inbox Button in Selected

03-11-2019 12:24 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor II

It will be really valuable to have an setting in Connect that have the inbox refreshed manually or automatically. 

In our workflow:

  1. User A enters new "item 1" and related information into inventory (set as not claimed by default)
  2. User 1 can then use the inbox to retrieve the information and mark "item 1" as claimed, which will make it disappear when the inbox is refreshed (inbox only retrieves not claimed items)
  3. User 2 had also previously refreshed the inbox and downloaded the information pertaining to "item 1". However, since this action happened prior to step 2 listed above, the record is still flagged as "not claimed". User 2 has then all the ability to retrieve "item 1" and overwrite any previous information entered by User 1, which includes an address for delivery of the item

This could be easily resolved if the inbox screen is automatically refreshed when the user taps inbox.


Just to add to JAVIER VARA SANZ‌ idea I would like the following:

  • Auto refresh to occur at the time the user clicks on the "Inbox" button
  • Creator of Survey123 form to have the ability to manually configure the auto refresh time.
  • Auto refresh to occur once the user submits a survey.

I would also find this useful, I have several multi-user workflows that use the inbox and I have to constantly remind people to refresh the inbox every time they go into it. A configurable option for auto-refresh of the inbox would be helpful!


Would love a feature like this, with simple slider to turn on or off forced refresh when a user opens Inbox. Similar to the "Enable Inbox folder", "Enable Forced Inbox Refresh".


I agree, this would be extremely helpful as our users "forget" to refresh the inbox and are constantly asking me where a submitted survey is.  

Our workflow is as follows:

  • user conducts an inspection
  • if inspection fails, a user can re-inspect at a later date.
  • Instead of filling out the complete form, user pulls last inspection and creates a copy for a new reinspection
  • if user has not refreshed inbox, the previous inspection does not exist. Or, if another user conducted the first inspection, it will not exist in the inbox.

I would also find a feature like this very helpful. Particularly this point: 

  • Creator of Survey123 form to have the ability to manually configure the auto refresh time

Our organization has people reviewing forms through their inbox for many submitters and across many surveys and having a time based inbox auto-refresh would be great as reviewers could simply look at their home screen thumbnails to get a summary of how many outstanding inbox entries they have to review



I would also find the ability to auto-refresh the inbox very useful. However, we often work in areas with little to no cellphone reception. Ideally, this feature would refresh the inbox when the internet connection was stable and not attempt to refresh if there was no internet or there was a poor connection.  Thank you for suggesting this as an Idea.





+1 for this functionality, some way of users getting the blue icon with numbers auto updating would be great for reviewing work in the field app.

There's a lot of great work in the forms. Would be good to see some focus on the form overview/mgmt.


We would appreciate the addition of an auto Inbox refresh function in the Survey123 app. It would also be beneficial if a notification message could be displayed when a new record arrives in the Inbox, similar to the functionality in the Workforce assignment.


I would also like to vote for this being added as an enhancement. We have multiple users who utilize the inbox functionality and are constantly forgetting to hit the refresh button. I often get asked, "Why doesn't this refresh automatically when I open the inbox so we can see the latest data?" As stated, a configurable option in Survey123 Connect would be greatly appreciated!


I would also like to upvote this enhancement. I am in the process of configuring a set of forms for a inventory system and I know the field personnel would benefit from it updating as soon as they click on Inbox to get the latest records for each record for that particular step in the process. A configurable option in Survey123 Connect would be greatly beneficial to my organization and greatly appreciated.