Webapp in Story Collection cannot export data to CSV

10-19-2021 11:02 AM
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We are using Story Collections to combine information about a given project. The first item in the collection is a storymap explaining the project and the second item we have embedded a WebApp to explore/edit/export the data from the project. 

The workflow would be for a project manager to read about the project then switch to the webapp to perform data edits/ filter the data using the attribute table wiget and then export to CSV using the attribute table wiget.



When not nested within a story collection, the WebApp exports the CSV as expected, no problem. 

When nested into the story collection the WebApp does not export the CSV, no error is given, just nothing happens. 


Desired Functionality: 

If we are given the ability to add an App to our collection, it should be fully functional when added in. Collections have been a great way to organize projects. Being able to save one URL versus many has been very popular, having to keep track of so many URLs would be a pain for our users but if other ESRI products don't work with StoryMaps/Collections we'll have to stop using stories. 

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@Sasha_Helton -- Unfortunately, allowing downloads directly from embedded apps is a web security issue, so that capability is not supported. However, there are more secure ways for apps to initiate file downloads when an app is embedded, so we can talk to the team to see if they can update the mechanism. Can you provide a link to your app and/or share which app you are using?

For now, your readers would need to launch the app in a new browser tab if downloading is a critical function. You can add a link or card to your story to easily allow others to launch this app or any other apps you'd like them to have access to.

If only some readers use the download, you could still add the app to the collection, but add a note on the data download widget that the app must be launched in a new tab for downloads to work. There is an "Open in new tab" option in the collection ... menu in the header.

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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