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Guidelines for posting to the ArcGIS StoryMaps Community

06-14-2023 12:57 PM
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This post contains information and tips that will help you utilize the Esri Community in the most effective way to get your questions about ArcGIS StoryMaps answered.


ArcGIS StoryMaps Questions

The ArcGIS StoryMaps Questions Board is a great place to ask about storytelling best practices and how to do things in ArcGIS StoryMaps.

If you are looking for help resolving a technical issue, the community may be able to help you if you post details about your issue to this board. But, you should be sure to:

  • Include the link to your StoryMap, and make sure it is published and shared with Everyone
    • If you are unable to share your story in these ways, community members (even Esri employees on the dev teams) won't be able to see it. So unfortunately the community won't be able to help you.
    • In these cases, it would be best to go right to Esri Technical Support. Support analysts can work with you to troubleshoot issues with stories that are not publicly shared.
  • Specify whether you are using ArcGIS StoryMaps on ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise
    • If Enterprise, also include the version.
    • Available features vary across versions of Enterprise. Confirm the feature you’re asking about is available on your version of Enterprise by reviewing this matrix and/or this help topic.
  • Share as much detail as you can about:
    • What you observed
    • What you expected to happen
    • The exact steps you took to cause the issue


ArcGIS StoryMaps Ideas

If you have an idea for a new feature or enhancement, you'll want to head over to the ArcGIS StoryMaps Ideas board. This is the best place to share your ideas for things that could be added to ArcGIS StoryMaps in the future.

To maximize the chances that others will vote for your idea—and the development team will have the information needed to understand and evaluate your idea—please review the ArcGIS Ideas Submission Guidelines before posting.


Classic templates

If you have a question about the classic Esri Story Maps templates, you can post on the Classic Esri Story Maps Questions board. Please keep in mind that the classic templates are in extended support and will be moving to mature support at the end of 2023.

All community members are encouraged to use ArcGIS StoryMaps or another current ArcGIS product for new projects moving forward.

For more information about the classic templates, see Classic story map transition timeline (December 2022).

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