Story Action for Sidecars

07-11-2020 04:13 PM
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I'm glad you guys added map actions to the Sidecar for the new StoryMap. That being said, I wish that was extended out to include full story action capabilities. I'm trying to allow the user to toggle between multiple time-enabled webapps within a single SideCar slide, but the map actions don't apply to other types of embedded media. An alternative would be to allow web maps to be time-enabled at runtime when embedded. Another work-around would be to embed the time-enabled apps into a StoryMap Series, and add that to the slide, but that looks clunky.

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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi Andre -- We're planning to expand map actions to include other types of actions, such as swapping the content in the media panel like you mentioned. We don't have a specific date attached to this yet, but thanks for providing feedback about your interest in this feature.

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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Hi Owen,

The forthcoming map actions sound like great news. I’d like to expand on Andre’s request for story actions…my team would really love to be able to use story actions in the left panel of the sidecar like you could in the classic Series template. Ideally, these would allow you to:

  • jump to other sections (indicated by navigational headings) in the same story map
  • jump to a particular slide within the same section
  • link to a particular section of another story map, not just open it at the beginning (this is useful when you have intro material for a collection grouped together in one story, and those topics come up regularly throughout the collection).

Thanks very much!