Bookmarks across multiple webmaps within the same StoryMap

11-10-2023 07:16 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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Within a sidecar, I often put multiple maps centered on the same exact spot so when scrolling to another map the position of the study area stays the same while the data changes. This results in a smooth transition between maps.  However, since they are different web maps, any bookmarks that are associated with one map don't show up in any of the other maps. So, I have to manually position the maps to get this smooth transition effect which is time consuming and tedious to get them to be centered on the same exact spot. 

I propose the idea of having the ability to have bookmarks associated within a storymap sidecar to use across all maps within the story map, or to have to ability to view bookmarks of other webmaps within the same story map. 

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Status changed to: Under Consideration

I second this - great idea. 


that is really useful if it works