Asbestos Survey using Quick Capture

12-13-2022 07:03 AM
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Hello all,

I am attempting to design a workflow that uses QuickCapture for surveyors to identify dangerous substances within corporate-owned facilities. QuickCapture is great for this because it allows for floor selection, buttons to choose the type of designated substance, and a few user inputs such as status of material, and a photograph of the material. Moreover, the locational point data can be added and dragged to a pre-created map that has specific rooms drawn. The issue that I am running into is adding more user inputs. I realize that Quick Capture only allows for a maximum of three user inputs within the application. I am wanting to capture additional information such as a sampleID, color of material, content %, hazard level, and quantity but this is not possible solely with Quick Capture. The question is, are there ways to incorporate survey123 or a similar application so that once a point is created, additional information such as the aforementioned attributes can be populated by a surveyor in a user friendly format (i.e. not field maps)? 

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Yes this is supported using QuickCapture link buttons. Take a look at the last section of this page that explains how to link from QuickCapture to Survey123.

Essentially you can press a link button in QuickCapture, and pass values to specific questions in a Survey123 form. The user can then complete additional questions in the survey and then send it.




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