What is the future of ArcCatalog in future Pro versions?

02-10-2015 11:59 AM
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Unless I missed it, there's several Administration features in current ArcCatalog that are not available in Pro, specially the ones for geodatabases, e.g., Manage and Administer which is slightly different for each type of data objects.

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Hi Renato,

The following link may be helpful:

ArcGIS Pro Common Questions

ArcGIS Pro will not be a replacement for ArcGIS for Desktop:

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Thanks for the comments. If you have specific functions you'd like to see in future releases of ArcGIS Pro, please post your thoughts in the ArcGIS Pro product category on the ArcGIS Ideas site. You can also contact tech support or your local distributor, if outside the US, to log an enhancement request and see if there are any workflows available now to solve your issue.

There is also this general FAQ from the help system that mentions future releases: Frequently asked questions—ArcGIS Pro

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I can't see ArcGIS Pro replacing ArcCatalog ever so long as you need to save a project when first opening Pro.  Who wants to do that just to run some GP tools and manage data??

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This resonates 7 years later.

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Jake and Rhonda. 

The CURRENT info from ESRI appears to be that ArcGIS Pro WILL replace ArcMap/ArcCatalog and we should all start migrating.  Am I correct in this understanding? 

This is a big problem for many of us who heavily use features of ArcMap/ArcCatalog that Pro simply doesn't have, such as ArcCatalog-style data management and many others.

See this thread for more details:


Go to pages 3-5 in the thread for the recent conversations.

There's also a very good suggestion here:

Create an ArcGIS Pro feature "road map"

What information do you have for us on this?

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David-you do bring up a good question that I get in my ArcGIS Pro classes and Technical Workshops all the time.  Is ArcMap/ArcCatalog going away?  And is ArcGIS Pro the replacement for ArcMap?  The short answer is no.  ArcMap/ArcCatalog will be with us for quite some time to come.  There will be an ArcMap 10.5.  There will be an ArcMap 10.6 (or will it be 11.0?)  The ArcGIS for Desktop deprecation schedule shows ArcMap 10.4.1 retired Feb 1, 2022.  With ArcMap 10.5 and later, those dates will be added as the software is released.

Now with that said, Esri is investing/developing heavily into the ArcGIS Pro application.  The next release of Pro 1.4 will bring near ArcMap equivalency to the Pro application.  ArcMap is still in the development cycle for bug fixes, some updates, some new functionality.  But Pro is where the development is focused.

ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap can run side by side on the same machine.  To my knowledge, there is no plan for a Pro "ArcCatalog" as Pro is the fusion of ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcScene, ArcGlobe, and City Engine Runtime.

Esri understands that many of our customers cannot upgrade quickly to new technologies and value the ArcMap platform for many workflows.  As such there are no plans to discontinue ArcMap anytime soon.  ArcMap will be with us for years to come.

Keep in mind, I'm an Esri instructor and am not privy to the inner details of development or corporate decision making.  This is based on my conversations with Esri Staff, some of whom are on the Pro Team.

Hope this helps clarify.

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Thank you Robert.  I acknowledge that you're not on the development team and so won't be able to answer my comment below.  But if you could simply relay the following:

I haven't seen anything like the easy data management functionality of ArcCatalog in ArcGIS Pro.  And the last thing I want to do is create a whole Pro project folder when all I want to do is look at some data that someone just sent me in an e-mail.  If the end-game really is the extinction of ArcMap 10-15 years from now, then Pro will have to have a replacement for ArcCatalog.  I'd like for someone at ESRI to admit to that and put it on the development schedule.

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Correct.  I would not be able to comment on the 2nd paragraph but I do know Esri Pro Staff are actively watching Pro discussions on GeoNet so there's a possibility they could respond.  If there is functionality missing in Pro such as the Catalog/ArcCatalog applications and its workflow in Pro, one suggestion is to add to the ArcGIS Ideas website for Pro.  Again, the Pro developers are actively watching/addressing these ideas as well.

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Done!  Here's the Idea.  It's already got a few UP-votes.

Add Stand Alone Data Catalog Like ArcCatalog to ArcGIS Pro


Renato Salvaleon, please check out my ArcCatalog suggestion above and give it an up-vote, if you like it.