Unable to change the number of classes in my symbology

09-17-2018 11:43 AM
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This is another random Pro issue.  I initially set my Graduated Color symbology with the number of classes I want using the method "Manual Interval".  I then proceed to change the Upper Values to my desired ranges.  As I change these values, sometimes it will just delete a class and go from 5 to 4 classes.  In addition, I am unable to change the number of classes as the "Classes" are grayed out.  To workaround, I have to go through 'reset' by change symbol type or add a normalization, something to un-gray the classes.  Has anyone else experienced this?      

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Need more details, what version of Pro, what type of feature, what is the source data storage format, what type of field? I cannot repro using 2.2.1 on a point FC in a FGDB. 

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Pro 2.2

sde Polygon

Long field format

The related table is in sde as well, joined on a text field.  

I think I am seeing how this is breaking.  

I have values ranging from negative to positive (-6.0 to +9.0).  I want to create my ranges at 2,4,6,8,10.

My initial values are -4,-2, 1, 6, 9.  I mistakenly changed one of the ranges to an upper limit that exists. For example: I changed -4 to 6, when I did this the range was deleted because 6 already exists.  I think this is ESRI trying to be smarter than the user.  "Hey you can't have two ranges of the same upper limit dum dum.  Let me fix this for you by changing your 5 classes to only 4."   I didn't realize I was duplicating a range.  You can ctrl z to undo, which I just noticed.  I just don't like the computer making these decisions because this could get lost when you have a large number of classes.        

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Have you tried setting the classification to something other than Manual and set the number of classes.  Like 5.

Once you have 5 classes, switch to Manual.

Does that work?

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yes.  This was in my initial explanation of how I would have to "reset" the classification method.  Then the classes would open up again.  I think the bigger problem is the deleting of ranges when you accidentally edit the upper value to an existing range value.   

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I think what you are seeing is "By Design". I tried your same workflow in Arc and Pro with 9 classes, and get the same result, including the greying out of the number of classes. I think Kory Kramer‌ can better explain why that is so, but I suspect it's something to do with all of the pipes and levers behind the scenes that are controlling the symbology based on your input: at some point, the hamster on the cage wheel has to get off and a new one has to get on once you've changed a certain setting. 

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 I have exactly the same problem.  I have spent a whole day trying to get round this and am totally stuck.  The post ends with no solution can you link me in to the rest of the post so that I can find out what to do? 

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ESRI just can't cope the problem. So sad to pay thousands and get "almost" good software…

I don't know if it fits all occasions, but I chose Unique values instead of Graduated Colors. That helped me. But need to format Color scheme.

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One way to work around this is that if you need to change the upper values is to work backwards, ie starting from the highest numbers to smaller. This worked for me, but you could probably accidently duplicate ranges like this as Tony mentioned. 

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I see this topic has been linked in another similar topic, so post my same answer here, hope it will help. And please share more info if your case needs other solution, thanks!

This is by design. Because with customized classes, it will be hard for us to decide where to add a new one or to remove which class. Any action might ruin existing manual classifications, so we grey out the classes control.

W have this more flexible function to update classes: if you right click on a row, you can choose to add a break above or below, this will update the number of classes and don't need to switch to another method.