trouble calcuating x,y using calculate geometry

04-13-2021 06:39 AM
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Hi, I am trying to calculate the geometry of some point features in Pro 2.1.  I am using a state plane projection in us feet, and my map is set to that projection, when I look at the point in the map it shows my coordinates fine, but when I calculate a field using calculate geometry I get a completely different number.  If I right click the point and copy coordinates I get the right value.  I don't understand what is going on.  In 10.8 i calculate geometry never gave me a problem, but in Pro i can't get it to work.



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Hi Laura,

Can you provide some sample data for more detail. Either a gdb or a table showing your discrepancy?

I'm using the current version of Pro 2.7.2 so cannot exactly replicate your concern. I set up a feature class with your Florida coordinate system and created a point based off of the screen coordinates. What I got from the Calculate Geometry is certainly within tolerance.

Projection: NAD 1983 StatePlane Florida East FIPS 0901 (US Feet)

Entered Point: 536,641.27, 1,467,520.81

Calculate Geometry Result: 536,641.269897, 1,467,520.810075

Can you provide more detail of your problem?


Tom Homan

Gila County GIS

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Esri Frequent Contributor thing that jumped out at me was you're using ArcGIS Pro 2.1.  The latest release of ArcGIS Pro is 2.7.2.  Any chance you can upgrade and try your workflow again?

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In my humble opinion and in my humble experience with PRO, the release 2.1
is the worst release containing many bugs. I suggest you to update to the
latest PRO version.
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I fixed my problem.  Please ignore this question.