Trace Networks - How to enable/disable individual features?

10-26-2021 07:44 AM
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I am using Trace Networks in Pro as a replacement for Geometric Networks in ArcMap. With Geometric Networks, an attribute field called "Enabled" made it possible to individually "turn on/off" features, a.k.a. enable or disable flow through that feature. Is this possible with Trace Networks?

I can't find any info on this--every search yields posts on Enabling/Disabling Topology for a Trace Network, which I also don't really understand. The documentation for Trace Networks is pretty bad, and documentation comparing Trace Networks to the legacy Geometric Networks is even worse.

This is kind of frustrating because the "Enabled" attribute field was a really easy way to see what I had "turned on/off" in my network. Is there anything comparable for Trace Networks?

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I was able to do this using Pro 2.8.3 by setting up Network Attributes.  Here is a good video showing how to set them up.  You will need to disable topology before adding and assigning the network attributes and then enable it again after you are done.  Once you finish, you will be able to add barriers to the trace based on an attribute (in my case ActiveFlag).  I'll add a photo showing how it works in my map.

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