Status arrow on map beside a waterbody

02-12-2021 04:00 AM
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I wish to put an up or down arrow beside a lake.

The up arrow indicates water quality status has improved.   The down arrow meaning status has declined.

In the table linked to this map I would have for example 2018 status "good" and in the next column 2020 status "bad".

Can I link the status icon arrow to these columns as a function e.g. if status has declined arrow points down?

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Hi Ronan, you should be able to vary the symbols rotation by a field. Vary symbology by rotation—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

I guess you can either create a new field 'rotation' for example, and do a field calculation where if == 'good' return 0 else return 180 (if the arrow is up normally!)  I think you can also skip the step of creating the rotation field by utilising an expression.

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There was a similar question using ArcGIS Online Map Viewer and Arcade.  Arcade is also of use in ArcGIS Pro so worth a look.

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