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02-14-2022 07:55 AM
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I have package my tile cache in to a .tpkx file that I would like to share by uploading it to ArcGIS Online.

The tile cache were created with the tool "Manage Tile Cache" and the packaged with the tool "Export Tile Cache". Then to share my .tpkx package I have used the tool "Share Package".

Unfortunately after 1 hour and half the operation of the tool "Share Package" failed with the error message:

Canceled function

(SharePackage) aborted by User.

The size of the .tpkx file is 83 GB. In the past I have successfully uploaded .tpkx file of 70GB.

I've repeated twice this operation, and I got the same error.

Could someone help me to understand what's wrong or why the tool fails ?

Thanks a lot in advance



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Hi @GiuseppeGentili ,

Which web browser were you using for uploading the tpkx? Could you try using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox ?


Additionally, since you mentioned the tpkx was around 83GB, here are some Esri recommendations if you haven't already gone through them

1. Create Map Tile Package (Data Management)

2. Generate Tile Cache Tiling Scheme (Data Management)

3. Manage Tile Cache (Data Management)

4. Export Tile Cache (Data Management)

I hope this helps.

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Hi Shan,

many thanks for your suggestions. I think to have solved my trouble by packaging (Export Tile Cache tool) the tile cache as .tpk file instead of .tpkx file. Using the .tpk I was able to upload it on to ArcGIS Online. As I wrote, some months ago, I uploaded successfully large ".tpkx" files ... 


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We are having the exact same problem using the "Share Package" tool in ArcGIS Pro 2.8.5 however the file is 241GB in size.  It makes it to the very end (percentage wise) and throws the same error.  I dropped one of the scales and got it down to 60GB.  That file uploaded with no issues.  I may have to consider breaking the tile package in quadrants or something to get the file size smaller (used as a basemap so will just add all layers in the web map for the basemap).

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You might also try Pro's "Share, Web Layer, Publish Web Layer" menu drop downs.

I create a tpkx (no longer lets you save tpk here) from a project using this tool, I get a tpkx that is 998Mb in size.

I then use the Create Map tile Package tool with the same map/settings and I get a tpkx that is 1.66 Gb in size....



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Yeah I have tried those as well and they crash as well on the larger files from what I have experienced.

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