Enrich Tool - No Option to Enrich Dominant Lifemode Group?

03-01-2022 08:57 AM
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I'm not sure if I am looking in the right place but I can't seem to find "Dominant Lifemode Group" in the variable selector in the "Enrich" tool. I know I can enrich the dominant tapestry segmentation but I was wondering if this variable is available for enrichment in Pro. I have lifemode group by census block group in my BA data but was hoping to enrichment non census boundaries with dominant lifemode. 



Any ideas? Thanks!

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Hello @ColinMcNamara,

If you use this variable in the Business Analyst Web app, you will also notice a similar behavior. For example, that this specific variable is available for Color-Coded Maps but not in Smart Map Search.


Unlike the other tapestry variables, this variable is code based (unique values) and it cannot be apportioned when enriching your sites. As a result, it might not be available in all workflows. 

Thanks for reaching out.

Fasil T.

Business Analyst Team

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Hi @FasilTiru after doing a little digging I found those unique value variables in ArcMap but not in ArcGIS Pro.


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Thanks Colin. One of my colleagues will follow up with you on this. 


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Hi Colin,

I am a Product Engineer on the Business Analyst Desktop team. I am able to reproduce the variable discrepancy that you are seeing between Business Analyst for ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro. We are looking into this now and I will reply with additional information as soon as it is available.  

Thank you for providing this feedback, Colin. And thank you, Fasil, for looping us in.

More to come!

Darren Cook