Pro doesn't update folders or files "in real time" within GDB when modified outside of Pro

01-30-2017 03:10 PM
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I am running ArcMap for Desktop and ArcGIS Pro both at the same time.  As I update or change data in a geodatabase while using ArcMap, these data do not properly update in Pro (even if they aren't currently part of a map in Pro). Its as if Pro sees the files and folders as frozen in time (when Pro was launched), and doesn't update them in real time.



I modify the attributes/fields of a feature class in ArcMap (even if it is not loaded in the Pro map, which if it was I would probably get a schema lock). If I then add that data to Pro it adds the old dataset as it was when Pro was originally launched - without the updated attributes I edited in ArcMap! There is no apparent way to refresh the folder or data in Pro, so it will update correctly. Its as if Pro isnt getting live updates to folders and files and doesn't recognize when those files are moved and modified outside of Pro. 

Another example:

Iif I add or delete feature classes within a GDB outside of ArcGIS Pro, and try to add them - Pro still sees the old FC's even if they are gone.  Trying to add them gives error "Failed to add data, unsupported type" obviously, the file isn't there anymore. 

The only work around is to close out of Pro and reopen (pretty big inconvenience if you are working with both software simultaneously - ie: Business Analyst in ArcMap and symbology/cartographic work in Pro)

Bug or working as intended?

PS: I should mention that you can, however, see new feature classes that were created. it's the deleted FC's that are still showing within the GDB, and current ones that were modified are not having those modifications update correctly.

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Most certainly an issue that needs to be addressed and makes the entire Pro experience even less intuitive than it has be.  When a new item is created, it is only logical that it should appear and show up instantly in that location without it user having to hit the refresh button. I see a lot of posts from users thinking a process didn't work or that a basic function like creating a features class failed only because the item does not appear until A: the user physically hits the refresh button or B:restarts Pro. Clicking nodes in the tree is not enough, either. The refresh must be manually initiated. The issue also cascades down to "Open/Add Data" dialog boxes - all file browsers that are inherited from the Pro catalogue will NOT show any new item until the refresh button has been clicked. 

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There is the question: how slow do you want Pro to be? But it would be really nice if a full restart of the software is required to do a refresh.

Also I really want arcpy.RefreshCatalog to be available for scripting. Say you write a raster .hdr file in Python, you want arcpy to be able to see it right away so you can use it in your script.

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I have the same problem, and it is causing me nightmares.

I am using strictly ArcGISPro. i have numerous projects, and often have 2 open simultaneously - one for the layout of the map i am currently working on and one for my 'working' regional project.

if i make an edit to data in a .gdb (located on a network server) in one project, this is not seen in the other project. even if i refresh the .gbd in the folder tree, save, close and reopen the project, whatever.


 here is a screenshot where you can see 2 projects side by side. they both have the same feature class (Karrat_ice_isopachs_200m) open from the same .gdb. edits were made to remove features smaller than 500m in the project on the right. this was saved, the project closed, reopened. the folder trees refreshed etc ect. but as you can see the project on the left still has features below 500m in the database!!!! how can this be?

what is the point of this? we tried using enterprise geodatabases but it was even worse. how is anyone supposed to have an efficient workflow if edits are not applied or visable anywhere else?

this is insane.

Screenshot 2021-05-21 111336.png

can someone at esri please address this. i like many other users have used so much time (we are talking days here) logging problems, communicating with support etc etc. i have work to do. we pay handsomly for ESRI to provide us with software, it is not my job to fix it. i have toyed with the idea of sending a bill to ESRI for time lost on this project but can imagine their response. i have requested they send someonme here (we have over 200 licences!!) but they say they dont do that.. well, what do they do? sure as **bleep** dont fix anything.

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