How distance calculated in Density Based Clustering Tool

02-02-2022 04:25 AM
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I imported a csv file as point feature. Selected longitude, latitude and z values as height. So my question is that when I do density based clustering, the program calculating the distance between points in 3 dimension or in 2d with just latitude and longitude variables.

I did this to multiple datasets and did scatter plot of clustered feature. I just could not be sure that distance calculation done in 3 dimension.

Any idea how the distance calculated?

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This tool? 

How Density-based Clustering works—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

Density-based Clustering (Spatial Statistics)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

And if so, it is recommended that the coordinates used be in a projected coordinate system within certain ranges.

Chordal distances are used in any event

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Yes, I agree with @DanPatterson on this, Projected Coordinate System is recommended for distance calculations.

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Yes, this tool sir. I forgot to mention feature is projected.

I did read Density-based Clustering (Spatial Statistics)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation but somehow I did not see the line, "This tool includes z-values in its calculations if z-values are present,. The result will be 3D." until you posted.

Thank you.

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