GTK ArcGIS Pro 2.6 Error in Exercise 7b

10-20-2021 01:16 PM
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I am in the middle of chapter 7 for Getting to Know ArcGIS Pro 2.6. I have not had any issues up to this point, but for some reason or another, on exercise 7b, the "Create Address Locator" tool was discontinued (?) and the new tool is "Create Locator". The setup is slightly different, but I was able to work through it to get all the right information put into the "Field Mapping" section, but the "Output Locator" section will not accept the name of the file. I have tried removing spaces, removing words, changing folder locations to save, removing underscores, etc., but it still won't accept it. Has anyone had this same issue or do you know how to resolve the issue to help me get through the exercise? 

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What is the full pathname of your output Address Locator? Are you saving it on a network drive or a UNC path?

Ensure you are saving it in a basic folder in a local drive. Also ensure the pathname doesn't have space, special characters (except underscore) or accented characters.

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Hi Julia,

Make sure you are trying to save to the CommunityHousing project folder. It could be that you are accidently trying to save it to a geodatabase, which isn't allowed. 

Which version of Pro are you using?

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