error calculating geometry

11-19-2020 02:14 PM
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I am trying to calculate geometry for a set of polygons and find their area. At first I was getting an error that said "Failed to apply changes after updating the row with objectID=0 with the calculated value" and it would only give me 5 areas out of 39. Then I hit start editing and tried again and this time values populate but it wont let me save them due to a row error. Any guidance is appreciated because I don't know what could be wrong with my rows. 

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Try your calculate geometry outside of your edit session.

You should run a Repair Geometry tool when you are done editing and before any calculations as well

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Can anyone help me with this error? I'm on ArcPro 2.9


Traceback (most recent call last):
File "c:\arcpro\Resources\ArcToolbox\scripts\", line 276, in <module>
CalculateGeometry(fc, properties, lUnit, aUnit, cs, cformat)
File "c:\arcpro\Resources\ArcToolbox\scripts\", line 125, in CalculateGeometry
SystemError: <method 'updateRow' of 'da.UpdateCursor' objects> returned NULL without setting an error

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