Dynamically Change Masking Layer via Map Series

10-12-2021 02:30 PM
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Hi all,

I'm putting together a series of maps for a big report this year, and I'm wondering how best I could make the export (to PDF and PNG) process easier on myself.

I have a series of bookmarks in Pro highlighting some of the different focus areas - and I have individual masking layers set up to better include/occlude the relevant data.

Is there a way I could set the Map Series up so that it will dynamically switch the visible/active masking layer as I navigate from page to page?

Currently I'll have to switch on/off data or make a series of layers based off selection queries and check them on or off each time the bookmarked page switches.

Is something along these lines available in Pro?


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I have the same question. Did you ever figure it out?

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I'm also trying to figure this one out. I have a map series that is created based on a point feature layer. Each map focuses on a point - however, I have one map where there are two points very close to each other so both are visible. I only want one point visible per map and I've not been able to figure out if a temporary masking type solution is even posible or if I'll have to create one separate map for this point. It would be great if eventually someone figures this out. 

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