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07-20-2021 09:56 PM
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Hi Peoples,

Has anyone successfully used the Manage Tile Cache tool to delete tiles from a cache?

I just used it, constrained it to an area of interest, and it blew away not just the area of interest, but a whole lot more in the upper levels.  Completed stuffed it.  I can't work out how to rebuild the areas it stuffed.

Am I missing something here?

The original cache was build from importing individual caches using the Import Tile cache tool in a model with a raster iterator.

I think the only way I can fix this is  a rebuild, which I am not happy about.



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I have all sorts of weird things happen when I try to do this from Pro 2.7. Reverting to ArcGIS Desktop 1071 has worked for me. Rebuild sounds like it's needed in your case. 

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