How to create a Netcdf file from Table or Shapefile

07-21-2021 12:58 AM
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I guess this task should be simple but I haven't got it right no matter what I do.

I have a table with 4 attribute fields: Lat, Long, Date and Temperature. The date is weekly and for 3 years, so I want to create a netcdf kind of file with the date as the dimension. I needed it to be capable of displaying just like normal CRU temperature data, that can also be used for voxel or multidimensional analysis

I will appreciate any suggestion on how exactly I can achieve this. Specific step by step suggestion would be very helpful as I have tried following what looks like a simple workflow in 'Table to Netcdf' tool in arcgis. Also, if you can make or point me to any video, that would be very powerful.



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I have never worked on it. Have you checked Exporting to netCDF data from a table ?

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