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Configuring ArcGIS Pro License with Public facing Portal for ArcGIS

05-22-2023 12:48 AM
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Hi Guru,

I have a question about Name User license configuration for ArcGIS Pro.

I am following this guide

Our Portal for ArcGIS, web adaptor url can be accessible externally (from internet, it is public facing url).  License server is not accessible from internet, only internal network a.k.a on premises network. Portal for ArcGIS server can access to License server. I have noticed that ArcGIS pro from on premises network machine can successfully use the ArcGIS pro with name user license. But for the field workers, (having trouble connecting to vpn) cannot use the ArcGIS pro , they are getting this error when ArcGIS Pro is started.

"A valid ArcGIS License Manager for your Licensing Portal could not be found on the specified host.

Please contact your organization's License Administrator to ensure that your ArcGIS License Manager is running and accessible.". When I troubleshoot the network traffic between ArcGIS Pro and Portal web adaptor url communication, I have noticed that Portal has already return the user license status correctly.


Based on the help link, it looks like ArcGIS Pro machine need to be accessible to the license manager machine. In theory it does not make sense for me because Portal for ArcGIS can identify the privilege when user login. 

Any tips?

ArcGIS Enterprise version is 10.8.1 , License Manager version is 2022.1, 

Portal is using OAuth with Azure AD.

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"in order to have the licenses accessible to users outside the network, the LM port would need to be open to the internet.  While no one would be able to take a license without being authenticated through Enterprise, it would disrupt the security posture of your Enterprise system and potentially allow hackers to slam the LM port with excessive requests and bring the system to a halt.  It's recommended to move the named user licenses to ArcGIS Online, in order to more securely license Pro for end users both inside and outside the network."
Solved: Is it safe to expose ArcGIS License Manger to the ... - Esri Community
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There may be ways to limit access to the LM endpoint and the risk of attacks, you should talk with your IT/Security department for options.

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