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capsule symbol

03-01-2024 05:40 AM
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I'm using ArcGIS Pro to create a custom dictionary symbology for my app.

I'm trying to create a longer capsule, my findings were always scaling the capsule in height and width together. I want to keep the rounded edges but make it longer. 

An even better option would be that the length could be controlled from the custom dictionary so I can change the length during runtime (and primitive overrides)

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the casule picture is the original capsule symbol from arcgis 2d

the second picture is what I'm trying to achieve ... currently I did it with 3 symbols 2 capsules and one rect. in the middle

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Dear Pinisolomon,

I hope you are doing well,


If you want the capsule being dynamic, you can make the size of the capsule dynamic, which will increase the size of the symbol, I mean it will enlarge the width and length together,

so a good approach can be, you can define for example 3 different symbols in your dictionary and then based on an attribute select one of them .

Please check the below links:

Let me know if you need more info

Amir Sarrafzadeh Arasi
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