Can you update an existing Project Template?

03-12-2021 03:35 PM
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About 6 months ago I created various project templates for us to use. We now have some updated County imagery that I would like to add to these templates for future use. Is there a way to update an existing project template? When I open the template through the main start up screen, it wants me to create a new project (ie choose a place to save the project), but I don't want to create a new project to update the template if I don't have to.

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Hi Abra.

Where are you storing and accessing your project templates? I assume they are in a centralised location where others have access to them? If you have them shared to Portal and you have the right level of user credentials (eg. publishing) you should be able to overwrite the template in Portal if your local template has the same name as the portal template. when you go to 'Share' to the same portal location as the existing template you will get a message saying there is an existing template at this location, and would you like to overwrite it.

Let me know if this works, or alternatively where abouts you are trying to overwrite an existing project template.


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