Can't create more than two control points when georeferencing a DWG.

02-16-2022 01:59 PM
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I want to georeference a DWG file to make it a feature class.

However, whenever I start adding controls points, the option becomes unavailable after I add 2 controls points. But, 3 is the minimum necessary to have acceptable accuracy. 

My reference is just the regular esri basemaps.

This is what happens as soon I add a control point.




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Hello Gustavo: 

I never done that in ArcGIS Pro with vector data. But I will suggest the following: (1)  first  convert DWG into a FC.Conversion CAD To Geodatabase

Afterwards, (2) define and then use (3) Project tool,  to project the dataset in desired projection.

Define Projection Tool 

Project Tool

Maybe it doesn't allow you add points because it already has some geographic information?

Or, if you are working in the software DWG file was created, assigned the projection from there. It should work when you inserted the file into GIS.


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Finnaly it's normal, because we don't need more than 2 controls points for a vector layer.

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I'm also getting the same issue,

Is there any solution for this


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I'm experiencing the same problem. After adding 2 control points, I click a vertex in the dwg to add a 3rd. At this point the Add Control Points button becomes greyed-out, and the only thing I can do is to Apply the 2 control points. After this the Control Point Table is cleared. Very strange behaviour, as imo it should be possible to transform the dwg by adding multiple control points to correctly georeference it.

Couldn't find much info in ArcGIS Pro documentation. Any new information would be much appreciated!

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