Can I share my ArcGIS Pro window in Microsoft Teams?

06-09-2020 01:30 PM
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Every time I try to share my screen in a MS Teams chat or video call, the ArcGIS Pro map window appears black.  I can still see the menu/table of contents/ribbon but the map window is blacked out.  Is it possible to share screens with arcgis pro?  Is this something that is an issue with my configurations?  Any guidance/help would be appreciated!

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I had this happen to me as well at my previous job. I don't remember the exact user interface, but I seem to remember that choosing to share my entire Desktop/all screens rather than just my ArcGIS Pro window solved it for me. Does that fix it for you?

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As far as we can tell, no you can't. Same issue. Map tab and window blacks out, regardless if just Pro or entire desktop shared.  Makes help desk operations, especially during these times,  impossible and we have to go visit the user in person. Worked with Google Hangouts. 

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Heya, had the same trouble.

We found that need to share one of the screens (ie "Screen #1") from under the Desktop list, rather than the ESRI application under the Window list.MS Teams Sharing

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All of you who commented, above, please go to the top of this question and select the I also have this question. button.

Kory Kramer‌, we need the ability to share the ArcGIS Pro window, not just the whole desktop.  My monitor is quite large and when I share my whole desktop, it shrinks everything in the resulting image for the other meeting participants so that they can't tell what's going on.

What's ESRI's view on this?

Is this an issue with Pro or with Teams, or both?

Fix on the way?

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Hi David,

I checked internally and it doesn't sound like anything could be done from the Pro side.  It’s a hardware-accelerated application that’s rendering directly to screen.  As stated earlier on the thread, the workaround is to share the desktop instead of the application.  If resolution is an issue, you could change resolution when sharing (same as when projecting to an external projector). 

I hope this helps,


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Hi Kory,

If this is a Teams problem and and there's nothing that ESRI can do then I guess I'm stuck.

Reducing the resolution of my monitor defeats the purpose of having a large monitor.  I need to be able to have ...

  • a window for the Teams/Zoom meeting
  • a MS Word window for note taking
  • a window for Pro
  • a browser window for looking things up during the meeting
  • and windows for any other resources that the meeting requires.

Obviously, I can't use those windows productively if I've reduced the resolution and maximized the Pro window to full screen just to share Pro.  So, that's just not a useful option for me.

Any other suggestions?


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For me it is ONLY an issue when attempting share via MS Teams. I have no issues with Zoom. Sharing the entire screen (mine is a 49" widescreen) just isn't the answer. Can ESRI work with MS Team and develop a solution?


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I have the same issue and really need a solution to this problem as others have asked. Sharing my screen to colleagues while remote working forms a critical component of the work I undertake.

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This should be reported to Microsoft as a bug.  Only work around is to get a second monitor so you only share one screen and have the other to work on.