Benefits of Contingent Values over Subtypes and publishing to ArcOnline

02-04-2019 07:00 PM
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Can someone please explain to me what the perceived benefits of using Contingent Values are instead of using SubTypes?

Contingent values—Geodatabases | ArcGIS Desktop 

I understand that by using Contingent values you essentially have 2 lists (Domains), with the 2nd list being filtered by the selection from the first list. This compares to Subtypes where the selection of the first list would determine which secondary list another field looks to (multiple lists to pick from). 

Also, what I can't find anywhere is if I setup data using Contingent Values and publish the layer as a service to ArcOnline, will the Contingent values be honoured (and be editable via the Data tab on the service overview page as you can with Domains)?

Lindsay Raabe
Forest Products Commission WA
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I would also be keen to hear about compatibility with ArcGIS Online.  At the moment I'm assuming it is not compatible as searching hasn't turned up, but would be very happy to hear different - or if there are any plans to implement this on AGOL (I couldn't find an Idea - is there one out there?).  I'm really keen to use this feature, but I have a few situations where it would only be useful if it is also supported by ArcGIS Online. 

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As far as I can tell, domain and subtype only can have one filter. Domain will determine which subtype to show.

As for contingent value, you can have as many. For example, column A will determine column B, from there column B will determine column C and on and on. I personally don't like how contingent value has to be set up because more column means more value to setup.

I have tried to set up on our portal server with no success which I am assuming it is because it is a new system that it is not ready for online use. 

I would also like to see AGOL/Portal support with ArcGIS Collector App.

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Contingent values currently aren't supported in ArcGIS Online. There is an idea on ArcGIS ideas well worth adding your vote up. Contingent values is new functionality, so hopefully there is more to come as ESRI develop it.

As for you common about subtypes it depends on the complexity of the schema you are developing. I'm using a schema which has subtypes and domains but I wish to match pairs of fields which each have their own domains. eg a type of activity is the subtype, there are many fields which need their unique domains and on top of that I need to match the following fields botanical names to common names of plants and names to email addresses. My users requested this to improve data collection in the field, which I can't offer to them just yet.

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Hi lindsay.raabe_FPCWA ,

A couple of week ago, just after the UC, this blog was posted that might be interesting to read: