ArcGIS Pro: Most Cumbersome

07-10-2018 07:18 AM
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Who designed ArcGIS Pro? 

It is absolutely the most cumbersome piece of software I have ever used!

It is so poorly designed compared to ArcMap, which is awesome. QGIS is not as difficult as ArcGIS Pro.

I have a strong feeling, if something is not done to correct this piece of shist, it will go the way of the dodo!!!!

It has such a huge learning curve and poor functionality I am sure most will reject it and you will need to keep making ArcMap. 

The whole Microsoft toolbar approach is absurd. It may work on small programs such as Word or Excel, but using it on software as complex as ArcGIS Pro........not a chance for success. My work takes twice as long to do with Pro and I am sure this feeling is not mutually exclusive.

Give me ArcMap or Give me Death!!!!

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In yesterday's plenary session I believe it was Jack Dangermond who quoted Darwin:

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

Just sayin....

That should just about do it....
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It goes both ways: not just we, the users, need to be able to adapt, but ESRI's success depends on it too... Just saying...

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Corollary: It's the individuals in the species that produce the most offspring the also reproduce.  Esri is the individual that has the most users.  Even if we can't make the software work in a predictable manner!  AARRGGHH! - I get very frustrated too!

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Could this simply be a learning curve thing?  I am not a lover of toolbars...but in most apps where there in use...I have found ways of modifing them to suit my needs.  EG  I programmed a custom toolbar for Excel to fit my needs!  Looking at the project road map, it appears that most everything in ArcMap is being ported over....

Personally, I will not be moving over due to the one thing that will not be ported over to ArcMap (MSACCESS) personal geodatabase.  The requirement that all personal geodatabases must be converted to file base ones (A database that third party applications cannot read, nor does it handle standard ANSI SQL) is a show stopper for me.

If you agree vote here toEnable ArcGIS Pro to access ESRI Personal Geodatabases

My experience in using ARC GIS Pro:

ARC GIS Pro Data Sharing 

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I'm right there with you! We've always worked in geodatabases for the simple ability to use in Access as well as ArcMap. Have you found any work-arounds or are you just avoiding Pro?

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As of yet, no I have not found any workarounds - at least ones that don't require lots of additional cost in licensing fees.  I will work with desktop till I cannot anymore.  On the side I have been dabbling in QGIS and GRASS.

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What about migrating across to SDE (SQL) or Postrgres databases?  I'm worried that you need to store your data in individual databases.  It sounds like you are making copies and don't have a single source of truth.  Excel will connect to SQL data sources.  Plus, what questions are people asking of the data once they have it in excel?  Are they graphing it?  Couldn't you provide them dashboards of the live data rather than copies?  

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Nope cannot without overwriting the complete database for every edit....that is unworkable