ArcGIS Pro 2.9 Clip Raster stuck at 100% Windows 11 issue?

05-11-2022 06:51 AM
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Hi all, I currently have a problem that I hope someone could help me with as I am a bit stuck.

I am already using ArcGIS Pro for years. A week ago I did upgrade our workstation to Windows 11. From that time onwards ArcGIS Clip Raster goes to 100% but never finishes. Before upgrading Windows 11 (so under Windows 10) everything worked perfectly. Same problem might exists with other tools but haven't tested it.

To try to find the problem I also installed ArcGIS Pro on two new workstations running Windows 11 (clean installs ArcGIS / Windows installs). Same problem occurs here.

Tried running Clip Raster tool on our Windows 10 workstations / Laptop and it works fine. After reaching a 100% its start building pyramids and eventually give a complete message.

So it seems that the common thing is that this problem is only present on Windows 11.

I also checked the ArcGIS Pro version. Originally we were working with and "ancient" version 2.5.2 which was not  W11 certified. On the two clean installs I used version 2.9.3 (currently the newest one) and version 2.9.2 and everywhere the same issue. So ArcGIS Pro version doesn't seem to be related. Even the certified Windows 11 ArcGIS version has this problem.

Forgot to mention. I do not get an error / any feedback from ArcGIS. So unfortunalty no information here. (would really like to get a clear error message). Tool doesn't crash it just does not end. Last run is now already "stuck" for hours.

Currently I am at a lose. Googling doesn't result in that much info but I think I am not the only one to try to run a Clip tool on Windows 11 right? 🙂

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One more update: The tool works fine when saving the clipped raster to a GeoDatabase. Just saving to disk get stuck at 100% at the Generate Raster step.

Getting somewhere. When changing the environment to NOT calculate pyramids / statistics I can clip the raster and save directly to disk.

Never mind. Was only one time. Now it is stuck again.


Out of nowhere on a different test I did get an error though, see screenshot (even after 3 minutes! While it is normally stuck forever). Something with Local workers.


More updates: Found this topic: which leads to:

They suggest to disable Parallel Processing Factor and that seems to work. Did three tests now and all runs are successful although probably with a performance hit.

So it seems I have a workaround. Still its very inconvenient so if someone has a solution without disabling parallel processing that would be awesome. 🙂

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