Append feature not working

09-13-2021 04:19 AM
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Hi all,

Recently have come across when I go to Append a shapefile into a feature layer the number of Output Fields reduces to half when I click run. Even after deleting and replacing necessary fields. 

Have deleted and re-downloaded the software and this doesn't seem to help. 

Any theories or advice would be great, Thanks!

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Hi @FionaMcLaughlin ,

Have you tried the same workflow using a File Geodatabase feature class rather than a shapefile?  I try to avoid shapefiles like the plague.

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The data types might be a bit off e.g. dates aren't datetimes in shapefiles.  Possibly try exporting the shapefile into a table/feature class within a file geodatabase then see if that solves it (more of a guess than anything).

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