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Another Excel -> ArcGIS Pro question

04-07-2023 10:23 PM
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Hey guys, just trying to see if anyone has any good method for getting excel sheets (xlsx) to open in Pro 3.0? I have followed all of their online steps and installed all their drivers and .net fixes but nothing seems to work. As other threads have stated, I am experiencing a super long load time w/ the xlsx pulling into Pro; it acts as if it is loading it but never does and always has to be terminated with task manager.

So far the only thing I have found that works is either exporting to a CSV in excel, or opening it up in ArcMap 10.8 and exporting to a .dbf then bringing it into pro. Is there anyone here who can successfully pull in xlsx sheets into Pro and get it to load?

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Did you  follow the order in which things needed to be done?

Discussion and solution

Solved: Newest ArcGIS Pro Release - Hangs when Excel file ... - Esri Community

Reference link from there

Install the drivers to work with Microsoft Excel files—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

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And if you are in a hurry or something isn't working, exporting to csv and loading from there has always worked for me, easily, in all versions of Pro.

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Others seem to have the driver side well in hand so I will inquire about the excel sheet itself. What always gets me is when I receive a sheet and the column names have spaces in them.

Just like esri products don't allow spaces in field names, an opened excel sheet wants to be like a table so spaces in column names will hurt. 

Just a thought.



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