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How to import x,y coordinate about origin (0,0)

04-09-2023 12:37 PM
New Contributor

I have some x,y coordinate values which were generated about the origin (0,0). I want to plot all the points(x,y coordinate) in any desired loaction on argis map.How can i do this?If i just add x,y data the points spread out throught the globe.But my region within which all the points will be will not be more than 5 km square.I am new in the software.

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It sounds like your coordinates are from a projected coordinate system and you need to define that coordinate system at the add XY / make XY event layer stage.  Your layer is probably incorrectly define as WGS84 and taking the XY as Lon Lat. 

Find out the coordinate system and set that in the map and the add XY tool.