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Please, Please, rename mapseries "Layout series" and give cartographers a real mapseries where each map can be link to the features of this map (extend, scale, rotation, projections...)

You, ESRI, introduced the annotations link to a page id but, without mapseries (not layout series like now) we can't use it to make maps.  When we have two or more map in a layout we have to live with duplicated annotations in the map overlay and it's time consuming to try to make it good.

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I don't know if this idea belongs in the AGOL ideas board, but rather on either the Desktop or Pro one.

Are you on ArcMap or Pro? We use Pro's Map Series for a number of different projects, and they work perfectly well. The features you describe are part of what makes a map series work, and we have no problem creating a series of maps with different extents, rotations, scales, etc.

"It works for us" isn't the most helpful feedback, I know, but could you elaborate on the context of how you're trying to use this feature? Perhaps a screenshot of the intended output? That will help others to identify if what you're experiencing is a legitimate bug to be addressed, or something else.


It would be better to use the Education extension and tell people it is called Map Series 

Hundreds of thousands of current users calling them Map Series. Zero reason to change it because of a small handful of people that cannot figure it out. 

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Hi @MarcelSt-Germain 

Is the idea just to rename Map Series to Layout Series?  Or are you asking for specific functionality that is not currently available in ArcGIS Pro?

Note that the title of "mapseries" is not descriptive of what you may be requesting and will not help the user community find and provide support for your idea.  Please take a quick read through the ArcGIS Ideas Submission Guidelines and Statuses 

Sticking to those guidelines should lead to high-quality ideas that are searchable and understandable to both the user community as well as to the development team that will review and consider requests.

Please update the idea's title and description so that the request can be reviewed by the layout team.

Thank you! 

Yes mapseries which I prefer to call layout series work well in a One layout many maps. But for cartographers like me, we are in one layout one or many maps by layout. So that’s the problem when using the tiled labels to annotations since no way to link this individual maps in a layout to the tiled id of this map.

Thanks, Marcel.   I think maybe we're getting closer to understanding the workflow.  

I understand now that you're using the Tiled Labels to Annotation tool.  And my understanding is that when you're working in a layout, you want to be able to move from one tile to the next, and you're doing this for annotation QA/cleanup work.  Is that correct?

I set up a quick layout based on your explanation.  This layout has multiple map frames, and could have any number of other layout elements.  The main map frame is the one showing the tiles I'm working with.  I was able to set up a map series on that map, using the index polygon layer used in the Tiled Labels to Annotation tool.  

Here is tile ID 3:


And then I can use the map series controls to move to the next tile:


or jump to any tile.

Is this getting closer to what you're trying to do?

In your comment you note "So that’s the problem when using the tiled labels to annotations since no way to link this individual maps in a layout to the tiled id of this map."

Given what I showed above, can you provide some additional explanation about that comment?  Or provide screenshots that will help everyone on this thread understand the issue that you're trying to solve?

Thank you!



Hi Kory,

No, sorry if my English mislead you.

What you show in your pictures is exactly what we do not do.  If I understand exactly what I saw is a layout many maps situation.  That is what we had in arcmap and still have in Pro.  A layout series situation.

So, like I try to show you before and you saw a simple example in the layout 1 of the projects I transferred to you before it’s not that.  You can refer to it.

For a project we always have many layouts.  In fact if we need 30 pages we have 30 layout since the representation of each one is not the same.

In your example, to be clear, your TornadoMap, in our case would be call Layout TornadoMap3 (for tile id 3) and Layout TornadoMap4 (for tile id4).  

Here is the first frustration since we can’t link the Mapseries page to the layout so, moving from one layout to the next one who has to go to this map series tab to navigate to that page.  Can’t be a way to link it.  When printing a project, without links, we can’t print all layout at once since we have to « navigate to » in each layout.


In your example, I saw 3 others map frames.  Fine but that’s where it’s starting to bug.  In arcmap, even if it’s awkward, we only have to disconnect the 3 MapFrame from the datadriven page an fix manually the extend.  Not nice for annotation but, no choice.  In Pro, I can’t find a way to do the same.  If I change the map series pages, I saw only the annotations of those pages in each dataframe. I can’t disconnect the others map frame.  By the way, each map frame is linked to a specific map not to the same one.

On your demo, our workflow the way we like it to go is simple.  In place of map series link to the layout, if it could be link to the map.  So, If we have, like in your example 4 map frames in the layout, the mapserie should be linked to each one individually real map series.  Map Series 3 for the tile id : 3 map frame like you show, map series x for map frame 1, map series y for map frame 2 and map series z to map frame 3.  

With this we could still use the tiled label to annotations for clean representations.  If not, or at least be able to disconnect map series for the other frames like in arcmap.  

Without this, when we have more than a map frame by layout, we can’t use map series in this page and leave duplicated annotations for overlapping maps.

Hope this time it’s clearer.


Thank you for taking the time to explain the idea in detail, Marcel!

From your explanation, I understood two improvements that could be made.

1. Since you have multiple layouts and would like to print them all at once, there is an idea to print multiple layouts: Print Multiple Layouts in ArcPro - GeoNet, The Esri Community

2. And the primary request is that you want to link map series to specific maps on a layout, not just one map series per layout?  If that is the case, it looks like you already submitted this same idea as link map series on maps not layout - GeoNet, The Esri Community 

Can you confirm that this is really the same issue described in that previous idea?  


Hi Kory,

Point 1, Maybe I don't understand but when sharing we can print each layout open.  Do it by mistake since by default is all pages not the current page setting.  In the idea you point to, I do not understand what he refers to since it's already there.  The problem is that the mapserie is not linked like I told you before.   So this sharing doesn't work with map series.  The activated map series page applies to all layout or I'm missing someting since a layout is not link to a mapseries.. 

Point 2, Yes this is but, my question is any change to see it implemented soon?  Also, in the meantime, could we disconnect the other map frame in one layout, like in arc map, to use the tiled label to annotation for at least one of the map frames.For now the only workaround I found is not using map series when we have more than a map in a layout.


For point 1, the idea is not referring to map series, it simply is asking to be able to print multiple layouts at once.  Print is currently based on the active view ( and there can't be more than 1 active view.

For point 2, we should close this idea as a duplicate of the existing idea.  I can check with the layout development team, but as far as I know, this isn't included in any near-term development projects - so the status of Open is correct.  To continue any discussion or questions around the functionality, please do it on that thread as it is the idea that is currently open.

Thank you.