Improved File Directory (Add Data Menu) - Support for Mouse's Backward Button

09-01-2021 11:06 AM
Status: Open
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1. Ensure compatibility with mouse buttons (backward or forward) in the file directory tree within 'Add Data' window.


2. Add additional options for Folders upon a right click:

Allow Folder Connections or Home Folders to be set within 'Add Data' window--through the right click menu.

Current options for the right click menu are a) Rename and b) Copy Path.

This enhancement would allow for folders to have 2 additional selections available:

  • c) Add as Folder Connection
  • d) Set as Home Folder
Status changed to: Needs Clarification

Hi @ConnerSchaak 

This appears to be two separate ideas.  Please review the ArcGIS Ideas Submission Guidelines and Statuses to ensure that distinct ideas are submitted separately.

For part 1, can you please provide additional details/example about what you mean by "Ensure compatibility with mouse buttons (backward or forward) in the file directory tree within 'Add Data' window." ?

For part 2, that essentially would be a duplicate request of That idea asks about adding the ability to set the default geodatabase when in a file browser, while you are asking for additional capabilities.  I'd recommend adding your vote to that idea and commenting on what you would like to see in the context menu.

Thank you


Excellent @KoryKramer, I went ahead and edited the title and the post to only focus on the mouse shortcut support in the 'Add Data' window.

It's a common feature in 'File Explorer' in the Windows OS where:

  • Backward button on mouse navigates to the previously accessed folder
  • Forward button on mouse re-navigates to the folder which had just been left

It would be fantastic if these hardware buttons could be ready out of the box for use in the 'Add Data' window for navigation. 

These hardware buttons are common on a plethora of mouse models, and I'm sure it could find great use if implemented as a feature in ArcGIS Pro's 'Add Data' window.  

Status changed to: Open

Thanks for the clarification and cleaning up the idea @ConnerSchaak 

I admittedly don't use those buttons but once you explained it I switched over to another mouse that I have and see what you're saying!

The idea is Open again.



For anyone who stumbles upon this, I have a separate idea for the 'part 2' of this idea open here: Add folder connection from 'Add Data' and similar ... - Esri Community . The only R click functions available in 3.0.1 continue to be rename and copy path.


@rburke  thank you for resurrecting this idea!


I actually spoke with the ArcGIS Pro Developers at UC 2022 Q&A. There was some very open interest in developing more options in "Add Data" which had a different formal name within their development lexicon. I'll comment onto your new post. Cheers! Conner